R and M Tornado 21000

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R and M Tornado Vape

Sunax 21000 Puff

RandM Vape new model of longest lasting disposable vape, 3*14ml RandM Sunax cartridges vape kit, each pod can be pumped up to 7000 times.

RandM 21000 comes 850mAh rechargeable battery and Type-C charging port on the bottom of this 21k vape, ensuring vapors can enjoy every last drop from the tank.

RandM Sunax 21000 Kits Contains: 21K disposable vape pen & 7000 Puffs Interchangeable Pod * 3pcs;

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RandM Tornado Vape 21K Puff

What sets the RandM Sunax vape apart is its three disposable cigarette pods, which can be easily replaced, making it highly cost-effective. The taste remains consistently excellent, and the funny rock adult lamb vape design is quite appealing.

Some users feedback that Sunax vape kit greatly enhanced service life and redefined disposable vapes. If the 3 pods could offer different flavors, it would be even more perfect.

RandM Sunax Vape Features

  • 0/2/3/5% Strength
  • 14ML*3 of Cartridges
  • Mesh Coil
  • 3* 7000 puff Changeable Pod
  • Inhale-activated
  • Integrated 850mAh Rechargeable Battery

RandM Tornado 21000 Packing List: 1 * RandM Sunax 21000; 3 * 14ml Interchangeable Pods.
210g/pc, single vape per hanging color card, 5 pcs per color box.

r and m sunax cartridge
Replaceable Pods

Take on pod systems is easy to swap out and replace between the three.

RandM Sunax Vape pods
850mah Rechargeable Vape

You will not be stuck with a dead disposable with an unfinished tank.

R and M Tornado Vape Mesh coil
Mesh Coil Technology

It delivers higher flavor quality, bigger clouds, and a better battery life.

R and M Vape Airflow
Type-C Charging

A cooler and adjustable cloud, all for more pleasant vaping experience.

R and M Sunax Review

R and M Tornado vapes are rising in popularity for their simplicity and no-fuss experience compared to refillable vape tanks. The Tornado disposable vapes feature a rechargeable battery that can be recharged multiple times until the vape is empty.

If you prefer large puffs from disposable cigarettes, check out the R and M Sunax 21000 and Tornado Vape 10000 – two top choices for big puff production.


The overall body is slim and thin, making it easy to carry. The R and M Sunax 21000 vape kit features various dressed sheep prints for different flavors, adding a fresh and fashionable touch with a unique personality.

Ease of Use

R and M Tornado 21000 is a great quality and very durable disposable vape that offers three replaceable pods, with each pod accommodating up to 14ml of vape juice and providing as many as 7000 puffs. Plus, the rechargeable bases are incredibly easy to swap out when one runs out.

randm sunax vape

Cost Effective

The RandM Vape 21000 puff features an 850mAh rechargeable battery, similar to other R and M Tornado vapes. One single pod, you can hit roughly 7000 puffs, depending on how much you vape, and, it comes three replacement cartridges!

You can buy additional cartridges alone even in different flavors, potentially saving you money over time.

Vapor Quality

RandM Tornado 21000 is rich in flavors, really good airflow and very smooth. Arguably, it is an excellent disposable for people who hunt for long lasting vape and is enthusiastic about good clouds or large puffs.

How long should a Sunax 21000 disposable vape last you?

The RandM Tornado 21000 disposable vape has 3 replaceable pods, each pod will last you roughly 7000 puffs, depending on how many puffs you vape a day, but 3 interchangeable pods will surely last up to two weeks at least. Just imagine how great it would be to purchase a separate pod kit with various flavors.

Can you bring a 21000 puff disposable vape on an airplane?

You can typically bring RandM 21000 disposable vapes on an airplane, but only in your carry-on luggage or personal storage. Keep in mind that they contain lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, smoking electronic cigarettes (vaping) is generally not allowed on commercial airplanes or trains.


How to Recharge R&M Disposable Vape?

R and M Tornado 21000 comes with 3pc pre-filled cartridge, a built-in rechargeable battery that is meant to last for longer life than common disposable vape pen. Having three replaceable pods is a great design. RandM Sunax Vape is more than just disposable vape.

You can simply connect the Sunax Vape 21000 to USB-C port on anything 5V 500Mah or 5v 1A such as MacBook or power bank, and leave it 5-15 mins.

RandM Tornado Vape 21000 price

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