Supbliss Bingo Vape

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Supbliss Bingo Vape

Try a unique vapes that look like drinks from R&M Vape – Supbliss Bingo 8000 Puff. This Soft-Drink Cup vape device built with a rechargeable 850mAh battery that delivers up to 8000 puffs, and 16 mL 5% pre-filled 12 flavored options.

8000 puff disposable cup vape with tiger warrior prints on the devices are different for every flavor, you can always find the most suitable one for you.

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Supbliss Bingo

A sleek and compact milkshake vape with straw that provides a satisfying mouth-to-lung vaping experience, Supbliss Bingo is a vape that looks like a drink that requires no maintenance, coil changes, or refills. It’s ready to use. This fantastic 8k puff vape kit includes an integrated 600mAh battery, ensuring you can vape until the last drop.

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supbliss bingo vape flavours

Supbliss Bingo vape review

To choose a rechargeable disposable vape right for you, we’ll need to consider below factors:

  • Flavor Variety
  • Strength
  • Battery Life
  • Portability & Ease of Use
  • Cost
  • Style
  • Brand Popularity

Supbliss Bingo 8000 Features

  • Types: Disposable Vape
  • Puff Counts: Approximate 8000
  • Brand: RandM; R&M
  • 16ml capacity
  • 5% Strength
  • Type-C charging port
  • 850mAh Rechargeable battery
  • Draw-Activated
  • Mesh coil

Supbliss Bingo Tigers Design

Supbliss Bingo 8000, a creative bubble tea cup with a ‘bendable’, straw-shaped mouthpiece, perfect for bubble milk tea enthusiasts.

A stylish and fun soft drink cup vape to have. You can spin the lid and straw around the top, making it exceptionally comfortable to hold & use.

Supbliss Bingo vape flavours

Energy Drink | Strawberry Kiwi | Strawberry Watermelon | Strawberry Ice Cream | Honeydew Melon | Mix Fruit | Strawberry Mango | Pink Lemon | Sakura Grape | Strawberry Banana | Peach Mango | Cherry Ice

Tiger Bingo Vape package includes: 1 * Supbliss Bingo Disposable Vape

supbliss bingo vape price

Can you charge a Supbliss Bingo?

Yes, milkshake vape 8000 puffs are rechargable vapes from RandM, the Supbliss Bingo vape can be re-charged through a USB-C port, with LED indicator lighting up on the bottom during charging.

Can you refill RandM Bingo 8k?

The 8k milkshake vape, designed for one-time use, includes a rechargeable port to promote sustainability. It can be disposed of responsibly as per local regulations, reducing waste during usage.

How to use milkshake vape 8k?

Using the Rick and Morty 8k milkshake vape is a breeze. Simply remove the silicone plug from the mouthpiece, peel off the sticker, and charge it for 10-25 minutes. Take a few gentle puffs and savor your favorite flavor.

How long does Supbliss Bingo 8000 last?

This Supbliss Vape, with a 16ml capacity, can last for up to 8,000 puffs, which is typically over two weeks of vaping for most average users

Supbliss Bingo Vape review

Supbliss Bingo cup vape with straw delivers consistent flavor experience throughout its disposable life. Resembling a mini Slurpee cup from 7-11, it can double as a souvenir or decoration once finished. Its rechargeable features ensures a smooth and decent long lifespan, and the straw mouthpiece is ideal for Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vapers.

It’s the ideal choice for those in search of a long-lasting, flavorful disposable vape. Look no further if you want a sippy cup vape that offers both impressive longevity and excellent taste.

Milkshake vape 8000 puffs price

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