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RandM VS Others

Rechargeable Vapes

R and M Vape comes with rechargeable battery

R and M got the best collection of rechargeable disposables, easier option with longer-lasting vaping to your convenient on-the-go.

Stylish Design

Sleek and colorful design with crystal tank 

Smart and technological design, attractive prints and flashing RGB lights make you the one in the crowd.

Consistent Quality

RandM Vape series gain in popularity for certain reasons

RandM disposable vapes will always have consistency of quality and maintain pure freshness with higher-quality ingredients.

Optional Tastes

R and M Tornado offers wide options on tastes

R&M vape provides a satisfying and mouthful experience, its natural tastes and mesh coil tech deliver a rich and smoother hit.

RandM Tornado Vape Best Seller

RandM Tornado 7000

  • Puffs: RandM Vape 7000 disposable vape provides 7k hits.
  • Rechargeable: Type-C recharge port, enhancing longevity for the 14ml tank.
  • Easy to Use: Draw-activated mechanism makes it easy and convenient to use.

RandM Tornado 7000 bulk buy possible, check Tornado Vape for sale 

RandM Tornado 9000

  • Up to 9000 Puffs Mars Attack Vape
  • 5% Strength
  • Rechargeable vapes with built-in 850mAh battery
  • RGB Flashing Lights

RandM Vape 21000

  • 5% Strenght.
  • 14ML of E-liquid *3
  • 850mAh Battery Rechargeable
  • 5pcs in a display box..

RandM 21000 Puff Vape is an innovative disposable kit that offers the convenience of three interchangeable pods.

Why RandM Vapes

RandM Tornado, the ultimate vape shop for all your vaping needs. As a leading brand of quality vaping devices, Tornado vape series best known as rechargeable disposable vape with big puffs. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting your journey into the world of vaping, Rand M vape to enhance your vaping pleasure.

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At R and M Vape, we understand that vaping is more than just a habit; it’s a lifestyle. We’re passionate about providing our customers with a wide range of premium vaping products that cater to all preferences and tastes. From rechargeable vapes to a vast selection of tastes and designs, we have carefully curated our inventory to ensure you find best vape that you’re looking for.

Tornado Vape Mission

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer competitive prices, fast shipping, and hassle-free returns, ensuring that your experience with R and M Vape is nothing short of exceptional. We appreciate your loyalty and are committed to continually improving and expanding our offerings to meet your evolving needs.

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To improve the health of smokers and their loved families – physically & emotionally.
Stay social without the smoke breaks and saving money.

I went to vaping full time after trying it for a week or so. I haven’t looked back. Normally I vape through 2 disposables of 5000-6000 hits a month, so is less expensive for me than buying pods, because fuels are crazy expensive in my country. RM vape suits me perfectly. Pretty solid quality!

Frank McDonald

 I can see why people would like them, they are good disposables, especially with the amount of puffs and the pretty lights. Just be sure to wait two minutes on new purchase, after pulling out the rubber stopper. If you just open it and vape straight away you burn the coil. 

Kelly Miller

Good vapes! never had a problem, if it bubbles, shake it and only charge for 35 mins max, when it dies also after you take out the rubber on mouth piece leave it for 15 mins and you shouldn’t have problem. I’ve never had leaking or anything also, try leave them upright instead of left it sideways.

Melissa Paterson

A lot of people talk a lot of negative things about RandM disposables. But if you ask me, they’re my favourite at the moment. R&M Tornado 7000 with Amber glass top are the best. I feel better, I breath better, food tastes better, I can vape almost anywhere. I don’t have the lingering smell of smoke on me, or in my clothes or in my home!

Gregory Tulson

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